Sports Injuries Prevention

Preventing injuries in football

“The most dangerous part of soccer game is tackling”

If a player or coach knows how an injury occurs then maybe that player can avoid that injury when such a situation occurs. The top three locations for injuries in soccer are the ankle, knee and shin. Knee injuries can occur from either direct contact or from cutting or landing. Ankle injuries can occur as a result on another players foot or from unequal forces during a tackle. Shin injuries can occur after a hard kick to the shin during tackling and can result in tibia fracture. Foot injuries result when a player reaches for a ball during tackle and the opponent steps on the foot.


As it is obvious from above the most serious injuries occur in soccer during tackling. Studies have shown that injuries during tackling are more if the skills are mismatched , the better player could be injured by the worst player. Since as a team the priority is to protect penetrative of a player or ball or both as a defender steps can be taken to place tackling at a minimum.

  1. Cover the player in your area so well so that his teammates won’t think of passing the ball to that player.
  2. If a pass is made step up and intercept that pass.
  3. If the pass can’t be intercepted ,pressure the player so that he cannot turn around forcing a back pass.
  4. If the player does turn,keep the player and the ball in front of you.Force the player to less dangerous part of the field.
  5. Finally go for a tackle.

In this way the tackle comes as a tactics of last resort and the most dangerous part of the game is brought down along with the associated injuries.

ACL injury of knee and arthroscopic ACL reconstruction

The most serious knee injury occurring in soccer is a tear of a ligament inside the knee joint called the anterior cruciate ligament. Mostly this injury occurs indirectly while changing direction or landing from a jump and then twisting the knee joint. After an ACL injury the knee swells and becomes very painful. In case of an ACL tear the treatment of choice is to create a new ligament inside the knee with the help of an arthroscopy.


Today the evaluation , treatment and rehabilitation of an ACL injury is a standard procedure and most athletes recover completely to return to active participation in his sporting field. In this surgery a tendon is taken out from the patients own leg and placed in bone tunnels in femur and tibia bone and fixed with bioscrews. The most important technique to ensure a success in this surgery is the accurate placement of the femoral tunnel in the femoral bone and the surgeon has to ensure this.

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